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From the sweat lodges of the Native Americans to the steam saunas of the Nordic countries, saunas are known to increase circulation, enhance natural detoxification, and boost our body’s natural immune response. Infrared saunas can deliver healing relief for joint and muscle pain and inflammation, enhance cardiovascular function, assist in lowering blood pressure, promote healing and recovery, and much more. Infrared energy is a safe wavelength of light with a number of great health benefits. Schedule some time with our Wellness Co. team in Zeeland, MI to find out if infrared sauna sessions can bring you closer to a healthier you.

Unlike a traditional sauna that uses heat or steam to achieve these health benefits, an infrared sauna treatment employs cutting-edge LED light panels to emit pure, concentrated infrared light to safely and effectively raise the body's core temperature. Many patients find this therapy more comfortable and enjoyable than traditional saunas because the overall heat is much lower. Because the infrared light is concentrated, the health-boosting benefits are even more effective. All patients have to do is sit comfortably while the light panels provide a comfortable, enjoyable treatment session.

Wellness Co. goes above and beyond to make you feel like you’re at a professional med spa. From the minute you walk in the door, the smell and overall feeling in the front lobby is relaxing and comfortable. The staff always answers my questions with a smile on their face and everyone is extremely knowledgeable if you have any questions about their services or products. I personally love the infrared sauna, facials, skin care line and the ability to see a Dr. for non-emergency needs all in one facility. West Michigan needed something like this and I’m so glad they’re here and have been safely open throughout covid. My next service will be an IV treatment, can’t wait! I feel VERY safe going there even with covid going on because their protocols have been in place from the very beginning. If you’re needing sone self-care, this is your spot!

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Infrared sauna treatments can provide whole-body healing, detoxification, anti-aging benefits, and much more, leaving you refreshed in a relaxing and safe setting. If you're in Zeeland, MI, contact our Wellness Co. team today to learn more about our treatments and schedule a session. You'll look and feel better in 30 minutes.

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