chiropractic care

chiropractic care

At Wellness Co., our professional chiropractors are experts in the human spine and how it affects the central nervous system. They can manipulate your spine and joints in a way to improve your overall comfort and function. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to target your discomfort using a natural, hands-on approach. If you’re interested in finding out how this noninvasive therapy can help you achieve relief, schedule a consultation with us in Zeeland, MI where we can personalize a chiropractic treatment plan to fit your unique needs.

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Chiropractic Care Session Pricing

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What Can I Expect from Chiropractic Care?

In a soothing, relaxing environment at our Zeeland, MI office, we specialize in the treatment of soft tissue, headaches, vertigo, postural correction, joint pain, facet joint irritation, intervertebral disc injuries, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder pain, and more. Before our experienced team begins to make you feel better, they will examine your medical history and discuss your current health to make sure you don’t have any conditions that could preclude you from chiropractic care. Our chiropractor will use their hands to manually adjust the alignment of your spine and address your bones and joints that need further adjustment. You may feel cracks, pops, and stretches as the chiropractor positions your neck, spine, and joints. Most patients do not experience pain or discomfort after chiropractic adjustments are made. The number of chiropractic sessions needed for relief will depend on each individual’s health and treatment goals.

For better circulation, our practice also offers Normatec boot therapy to help relieve muscle aches and/or pain. The Normatec boots combine dynamic air compression and pulse technology to help enhance blood flow and speed up recovery.

Experience Pain Relief

Getting chiropractic care is a completely safe and effective method to achieve pain relief and realign your spine. If you are suffering from chronic pain or pain due to an injury, our treatment plans at Wellness Co. may be ideal for you. Our skilled team can create a customized plan that is right for you and your needs. Learn more by contacting our facility in Zeeland, MI to schedule your initial consultation.

Kindly contact our office for exact pricing details, as rates may vary.

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