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How are you different from my chiropractor?

Dr. Ryon is confident in stating his care is patient-centered and is willing to do what is best for them. If he does not see results within 2-3 visits, he is already potentially changing his focus on the treatment. He is not afraid to work with other professionals, he is NOT a “rack and crack” chiropractor with 3 minute visits, he incorporates exercise and recommends home treatment to actually fix your issues, he has a strong rehab/sports/functional movement background, he does not overcharge or over-treat, his philosophy is evidenced-based, and he is easily accessible through social media or email and happy to help. Not to mention, Wellness Co. is made up of a highly qualified team that takes a team approach to treating patients. We have each patient’s best interest in mind with each treatment, and guiding them along their health journey.

Why don’t you accept insurance?

As stated previously, our treatment is patient-centered, and we will do what we find is best for our patients. We feel like insurance companies somewhat dictate and force the route of treatment chiropractors must take (in Michigan). This might look like extremely shortened visits, only performing adjustments, a very lengthy treatment plan, and it turns into an “assembly line” type of treatment. We believe this is NOT the proper way to treat patients in their health journey, and rather take an individualized approach to your care.

What are common conditions Dr. Ryon treats?

Dr. Ryon’s background in muscle releasing and functional rehabilitation allow him to treat outside of the spine as well. That being said, he treats a variety of musculoskeletal injuries throughout the whole body. Here are some common conditions:

  • Back and neck (disc injuries, strains, facet syndrome, nerve entrapments, posture!)
  • Shoulder (rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, tendinopathy)
  • Hip pain (muscle strains, leg length, tendinopathy, bursitis)
  • Knee (muscle strains, IT band issues, tendinopathy)
  • Foot/ankle (plantar fasciitis, sprains/strains, neuromas)
  • Elbow (golfer’s/tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve entrapments)

What is your technique?

Some people may have heard of gonstead, diversified, activator, torque-release, AK, upper-cervical..etc. There are MANY ways a chiropractor can practice. This can be a good or a bad thing, but it tends to confuse the general public. Dr. Ryon would classify his technique as diversified. Hands-on adjusting/mobilizing, incorporating soft tissue treatments and corrective exercise when and where necessary.

Do I need to be in pain to see a chiropractor?

NO! Symptoms are usually the LAST thing to come on and the FIRST thing to go away. So ideally, one would maintain feeling well with occasional visits. Even if someone is asymptomatic, there are always things Dr. Ryon can work on to improve a patient’s overall health. We want to help people stay active and be able to MOVE and FEEL their best!

I’m scared to get my neck adjusted. Can I still be treated?

Of course! Many times Dr. Ryon does not even have to adjust. He performs a lot of soft tissue therapies, and often all a patient needs is muscle releasing or strengthening. Gentle mobilization can be performed as well.

How long is each visit?

A typical visit is between 15 and 30 minutes depending on what we are trying to accomplish. Although, Dr. Ryon usually incorporates strengthening exercises, which may lead to a longer visit.

How often should I come in?

This can vary depending on someone’s activity and lifestyle, as well as if they are currently symptomatic or not. Dr. Ryon tends to recommend more frequent visits when first being treated, and then spacing out each visit as someone progresses and is no longer symptomatic.

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