Dermal Filler VS. Neuromodulators (Botox/Dysport)

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Neuromodulators? Dermal fillers? You have probably heard both terms before, but do you know the difference? Often patients think that these two injectables are the same, but they are actually complete opposites! And although these two procedures are not the same thing, they do pair perfectly together!

When we discuss neuromodulators, like Botox and Dysport, we think of muscles and wrinkles. We use neuromodulators to correct wrinkling that is created by the repetitive use of muscles, like making facial expressions. Neuromodulators work to tighten the skin and diminish fine lines & wrinkles. These treatments begin working 3-4  days after the injections, but you will see the optimal results 2 weeks post-injections. This treatment lasts an average of 3-4 months. There are different types of neuromodulators. We carry Botox and Dysport, and if you’re not sure which is right for you, our injectors will help you pick your perfect product and dosing.

On the other hand, Dermal fillers are used to replace lost structure and volume. As we age, our fat pads shrink and separate. This causes us to lose facial support and turns into the “sagging” that we notice. Dermal filler can be placed in many places of the face, including cheeks, temples, under the eye, chin, jawline, and lips. When you think of Dermal Filler, think of filling the lost volume! With this treatment, you will see immediate results that will continue to improve over the course of 4 weeks. These results last 6-18 months. There are several different types of dermal fillers, even within the two brands we carry, Restylane and Juvéderm. These products vary in their flexibility and support. Our injectors will pick the best product for the treatment area and your needs.

Here at Wellness Co., we want to give you the best results possible. We take a more natural approach when it comes to beauty, but you will leave looking refreshed and nourished! We encourage combining both treatments (Neuromodulators & Filler) for the best results.

Here’s a recap of what we covered: 

Botox/ Dysport

– Botox is the Allergan brand of a neuromodulator

– Dysport is the Galderma brand of a neuromodulator

– Treats wrinkles created from repetitive movements like facial expressions.

– Begins to work 3-4 days after injections

– Peaks at 2 weeks

– Last 3-4 months

– Appointments last 15-30 minutes

Dermal Filler

– Restylane is Galderma’s brand of dermal fillers

–  These include Lyft, Restylane-L, Silk, Defyne, Contour, Kysse, Refine

– Juvéderm is Allergan’s brand of dermal fillers

–  These include Voluma, Vollure, Volbella, Ultra, Ultra Plus

– Treat volume loss

– Results are immediate but continue to get better for 4 weeks

– Last 6-18 months

– Appointments last 45-90 minutes

Now until Dec.23, buy three syringes of Restylane filler and receive $249 off AND 50 units of Dysport complimentary ($449 value), the PERFECT pairing!

Wondering if either of these treatments is right for you? Call our office to set up your complimentary consult! Book your appointment soon, the Holiday season is here, and the books are filling up fast!

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