What Is Cupping?

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It’s 2016 at the Rio Olympic games, Michael Phelps is walking towards his block, ready to take home yet another gold medal. As he approaches the block, you notice something strange; perfectly round, pink circles placed all over his body. Insert Google Search “What is all over Michael Phelps’ body???” The simple & straight answer – cupping.

What seemed to be a new phenomenon in the world of athletes was actually an ancient massage technique that has been used for thousands of years. The earliest use of cupping dates back to 400 BC and was used all over the world.

Cupping is a technique that utilizes cups that are placed all over the skin to create negative pressure through suction. Cupping gently lifts the skin from the underlying tissues and creates a small space through decompression.

Benefits of cupping include:

  • Release scar tissue and fascial adhesions
  • Reduce painful trigger points
  • Improve circulation, blood, and lymph circulation
  • Pain Relief
  • Promote mobility and range of motion
  • Improves mature scars


What does it feel like?

Cupping is generally not painful. In fact, there is a warmth that comes after cupping from the increased blood flow to the area. The marks that one may often see after a cupping session are small capillary breakage from the rush of blood into the capillaries.

Among the many tools in our Massage Therapy toolbox here at Wellness Co., cupping is by far a favorite. In a world full of compression on our bodies, the decompression offered through cupping therapy is a welcome change to the nervous system and can promote a wonderful release! With longer lasting tension relief, and pain management cupping aids in your overall well-being.

Not sure if cupping sounds like the right thing for you? Talk to one of our massage therapists at your next massage appointment. Did you know that you can add cupping onto your massage? Cupping is best paired with a 75- or 90-minute massage! Call our office to schedule!

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