How To Improve the skin on your body

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How To Improve the skin on your body?

Most of of the time we’re worried most about what we see in the mirror and that’s usually just our face, so we neglect the rest of our body. Your body is constantly shedding dead skin cells – close to 500 million a day believe it or not. When you slough off your old skin cells, you give your new ones a chance to shine. So, how do you clear away dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, young skin beneath? Exfoliation of course!

Here are some tips on how to support the skin on the Body!

Use a Body Scrub to Remove Dead Skin

A body scrub is a simple way to get rid of dead skin cells and give yourself some pampering during your shower/bath. Most body scrubs are made with tiny, gritty particles that give them their sandy consistency, helping your scrub off your old cells. This leaves your skin feeling polished, fresh, and super smooth!

Ever heard of Strawberry skin? It’s a condition when black spots appear on the skin caused by dead skin trapped in the hair follicles. Routine exfoliation can minimize clogged pores and has been cited to help with Kertosis pilaris which is caused by a build up of a skin protein called Keratin!

In addition to making the skin feel soft, body scrubs can also Improve your skins ability to soak in moisture!

Here are some of our favorite scrubs we have at Wellness Co.:

OSEA Undaria Cleansing Body Polish

This innovative gel-to-milk refining body polish combines dual action Physical and AHA exfoliation to promote cell turnover for healthy looking skin. Supercharged with Undaria Seaweed, this microbiome friendly formula smooths away rough, bumpy and uneven texture to instantly reveal silky skin all over. This is great for all skin types.

OSEA Salt Of The Earth Body Scrub

This skin softening formula transforms into a gentle exfoliator as you work it into the skin. Mineral rich salts from around the world buff away roughness, while shea butter and wild Gigartina seaweed nourish for silky smooth, glowing skin. This one is good for all skin types, except Sensitive.

These two scrubs smell incredible, the natural scents you inhale all come from natural sources which definitely make doing it that much better! Both scrubs help to hydrate the skin but I like to lock in the moisture with a lotion/cream/oil depending on how dry I am and what time of the year it is! While there are a lot to choose from, I like to make sure what I’m using has good quality ingredients that don’t have any stripping or irritating ingredients.

Here are some of my favorite body moisturizers also available at Wellness Co.

Osea Undaria Algae body butter is one of my favorites because of the high-performance ingredients that address all signs of aging. Nutrient-rich Undaria seaweed, whipped shea butter and ceramides melt into the skin with this ultra-hydrating formula clinically proven to hydrate for 72 hours. Its butter-rich texture transforms dry, crepey skin to soft, smooth, and supple.

Osea Undaria Algae body oil, as this is clinically proven to instantly improve skin elasticity and deliver deep moisturization. Our seaweed-infused body oil is a rush of antioxidant-rich hydration that softens, nourishes and firms like no other. Visibly improves sagging skin for a toned and sculpted look. Rich yet never greasy, this intoxicating aromatherapy elixir enhances every inch. Mineralize, moisturize and glow!

Stop in to Wellness Co., to sample my favs for yourself! I promise this will be your new favorite body line! No more neglecting your body, it’s time to pamper yourself!

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