Stress and The Impact on Your Skin

Stress and The Impact on Your Skin by Wellness Co in Zeeland MI

Have you ever noticed when you are going through a lot of stress or anxiety in your life that your skin is also affected? Our skin can be negatively impacted by the stress that occurs within our body. There are many ways that our stress will play a factor into the health of our skin.

The first and foremost one you would have noticed are those evil breakouts and acne. Why does this actually happen though? When your body is stressed, it triggers the production and release of cortisol. This will increase oil production, which ultimately gives us those dreaded pimples! Remember when you always got a pimple right before an important event? Yes, blame that dreaded stress!

Stress can also make the appearance of our skin very dull looking, resulting in an uneven skin tone. Stress disrupts the natural balance in our body causing this dullness and lack of glow that we all know and love!

Stress can also speed up the aging process of our skin. I know, I said it! No one wants to hear that, right? It expedites the aging of our skin by promoting the body’s breakdown of our collagen and elastin. This will give us the wrinkles and lines we have been trying to avoid altogether!

There are many skin conditions that people deal with on a daily basis like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Well the bad news is that people dealing with this, will have more flare ups when they’re working through a lot of stress in their body. Stress can also limit the skin’s natural ability to heal wounds and injuries. So if you’re dealing with a skin burn or severe cut, make sure you try to minimize the stress in your daily life as much as you can. Let your body heal the proper way!

As you can see, stress does not do our skin any favors! But the good news is that we can try to manage and reduce our stress. What are some easy ways to reduce some of that negative stress we have in our life? Getting good sleep, exercise and the release of endorphins, and fueling our bodies with healthy food always helps! Take time to relax and/or meditate each day. Try to keep your skin healthy and hydrated this Summer, and do what you can to keep stress away!

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