Let’s Talk Vitamin C, Baby!

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There are a lot of amazing products I recommend to my patients but one thing that is a MUST is a product that has VITAMIN C. Here are some of the main reasons why adding Vitamin C to your daily line-up is beneficial: 

Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid and is a very potent antioxidant to your body and your skin. The first of many benefits of Vitamin C is that it reduces hyperpigmentation. You know, those annoying dark spots that many of us have from scarring and sun damage. It will slow the production of melanin, which is to blame for that unwanted skin pigmentation. 

The second benefit is that it helps to boost our body’s collagen. I know you have heard about collagen and the many products out there that promise to increase more of it in your body. Well, Vitamin C helps to naturally stimulate the growth of collagen in our own body. And collagen will help reduce those lines and wrinkles we all know and try to hide. 

The third reason is that it helps protect our skin against environmental damage we cannot avoid. Vitamin C will protect the skin from the free radical molecules in our body that cause damage from harmful UV rays and pollution. 

There are so many benefits of Vitamin C but also that it simply approves the natural skin texture. It helps to exfoliate all that dead skin and leaves your skin hydrated all day long. And we all want that glowy and dewy skin right now! It can also reduce puffiness and inflammation that we have from our skin being irritated and get rid of that redness. 

I’m hoping that this will motivate you to add some Vitamin C into your skin care routine. My favorite pick at Wellness Co. for this would be Skinbetter’s Alto Advanced Defense and Repair Serum. You can purchase in-store or through our online shop listed at the top of our website. Give it a try and see how radiant your skin will start to look!

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